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The Power of Web Design Typography: The Fundamentals


Helvetica or Verdanna? Or maybe Impact? Understanding why Typography is so important in web design and what role it plays in brand perception is essential to conveying your brand effectively. After all, you would not want to get your message lost in translation, would you?

Ever wondered why that Title of Book or Article really draws you in and makes you want to know more? How fonts evoke emotion and portray brand values is a psychology that is as important as understanding body language in the business world. In a world of banality, using Typography that stands out and captures the attention of the end user/consumer, is essential in driving business success. Read our informative guide on web design typography to find out the fundamentals and how it can affect your business. 


From the business to the end-user the consumer typography affects us everywhere. Although video content is fast replacing reading information, we still need to be able to read the ingredients on a food package, or the business brochure of how a business works. This is why typography needs to be clearly thought out and the art of allowing your eyes to glide and drift across the page from left to right (or right to left if you are reading Arabic, Up to down if you are reading traditional Mongolian Script) needs to be heavily thought out.

Making sure that your text content is accessible to the biggest possible audience is simple business logic. You want to spread your reach, don’t you? This involves using clear, easily legible fonts - There is a reason why Helvetica, Verdanna, Arial are popular stand out fonts for displaying your main body of text and not using highly cursive fonts that, although look visually beautiful, make reading a chore. 


Using a highly dynamic font for your H1 tags is your chance to express your brand's values and really say who you are as a company or business. Afterall, processing a short title can be relatively straightforward in highly cursive text because there is a small amount of text. However, if every H1 Tag was written in Arial the world might start to look really quite boring and uninspiring. That’s why your H1Tag should catch your attention and is a chance to express who you are and your values as a brand. This is essentially a hierarchy to your fonts.

Traditional, conventional and highly legible fonts are best suited to your P tags that will contain information that needs to be read. That’s why you want to use a standard typeface for the main body of texts. If you use a highly expressive style text for the main body of your text content it’s going to get tricky to read and be less assimilable.


Keeping and maintaining continuity throughout your website and marketing material is essential in conveying professionalism. If you have different fonts on every page, the feeling is going to start to feel quite haphazard. It is advisable to use now more than two types of typefaces across your website or branding material to maintain a sense of visual regularity so that the content is highly accessible and legible. 

Text justification

Making sure that your text is justified in the right way is essential, otherwise your website text will look unstructured and ‘wobbly’. That is not to say that every piece of text needs to be justified. Sometimes using left, right or center justification can be visually appealing and add dynamism to your site or brand. It’s just that in certain areas, if you do begin to justify a certain 

style, it’s best to maintain consistency, otherwise it will become obvious that your design appears lazy and haphazard and that the attention to detail is lacking. 


There is a reason why black writing on white background or white writing on a dark background is used so commonly and not using bright pink and yellow on off pastel colours for the main body of your text. The text which is communicating important information about your brand needs to be easily legible so the reader can assimilate the information quickly and with ease. Afterall, you don’t want your target audience to be squinting and straining their eyes reading your text? Well, maybe if you are advertising for an optician that might be a good strategy, to prove a point. But probably not for most industries. 


Typography is an essential part of branding and especially web design. Since web design will contain a lot of your business information that will need to be communicated to your consumer, extra special attention and care is needed. Firstly, make sure that your brand’s values and expression is communicated effectively with an expressive style of Heading text. Secondly make sure that the vitals and core of your business information is easily legible and that your business’s aims and processes are understood. 

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